Flash Mob Virus

8 Dec

What is  flash mob and why is it viral?  A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief of time then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.The first flash mobs were actually created in Manhattan back in 2003 during the birth of social media by the Senior Editor of Harper’s Magazine, Bill Wasik. 

The first attempt was unsuccessful after the targeted retail store was tipped off about the plan for people to gather.[13] Wasik avoided such problems during the first successful flash mob, which occurred on June 3, 2003, at Macy’s department store, by sending participants to preliminary staging areas—in four Manhattan bars—where they received further instructions about the ultimate event and location just before the event began.[14]

Wasik claimed that he created flash mobs as a social experiment designed to poke fun at hipsters and to highlight the cultural atmosphere of conformity and of wanting to be an insider or part of “the next big thing”.[9] The Vancouver Sun wrote, “It may have backfired on him … [Wasik] may instead have ended up giving conformity a vehicle that allowed it to appear nonconforming.”[16] In another interview he said “the mobs started as a kind of playful social experiment meant to encourage spontaneity and big gatherings to temporarily take over commercial and public areas simply to show that they could”.[17]

During the boom of social media, flash mob also became viral worldwide. People do this on the train stations, beaches and any place that the mobsters can get attention. But crimes associated with flash mobs are rare but occasionally make international headlines. And at this time, some huge companies use flash mob as an inspiration for their ad campaigns and one of them is the T-Mobile Dance below:



It is true that the internet has greater consciousness than human brains that can easily lift, inspire or sadden you but seeing these videos would probably make you want to join them too…


This is my personal favorite:



How does it work?

Flash Mobs are initiated online. The organizers set up a website, mailing list, and/or a viral message that provides all necessary instructions for potential participants. This of course includes the date, time, and meeting point in the real world, as well as the action to perform, for example a video of the dance moves.



And I would definitely want to be in something like this:


Love and kisses,







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