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Geometric Lottery Chart

14 Dec

Have you ever asked, what is your percentage of winning the lottery? Why do other people win and you don’t? Is it possible to win as much as you want? How can you track the winning numbers? Are they really traceable? Well I might give answers to those questions. 


Imagine the world where more and more people are winning the lottery, a chance to win every week, reduce the risk of loosing and increase your chances of winning. There would be no fear of getting hungry, no fear of how your bills are gonna get paid, where there is only a flow of abundance and prosperity. I introduce to you Robsenn and his geometric chart wherein you can follow the flow and the frequency of the winning numbers. I met him in a meditation class and shared with me his winning tickets and how we was able to win numerous times. While I was doing my own thing, I was thinking, why not share his knowledge with as many people as possible? My vision expanded into magnificent flow of abundance within and without me. And it is our joint mission to help you with your financial problems and expect more abundance to come because we all deserve to live our lives to the fullest.


To fully support the effectiveness of this chart, here are the winning tickets that he was able to take photos before he could claim his prizes. I arranged them according to dates in ascending manner. Note that all these winning numbers were drawn in Singapore and Malaysia. If you would like to confirm the winning numbers, just log on to the corresponding websites that gives the results accordingly. 

Draw: Malaysia 4D Toto

Date: 24-Jan-12

Winning Numbers:7782

Prizes: First Prize-MYR 11,000

           iBET First Prize- MYR916

Draw: 4D Singapore

Date: 28-Jan-12

Winning numbers: 4418

Prize: First Prize- S$5,000

 Draw: 4D Singapore

Date: 29-Feb-12

Winning numbers: 2996

Prize: Second Prize-S$1000

Draw: 4D Singapore

Date: 07-Apr-12

Winning numbers: 4766

Prize: S$250

Draw:4D Singapore

Date: 22-Apr-12

Winning numbers: 5517

Prize:iBET S$60


On this draw, he actually bought the numbers 5517 on the 18th of April as shown in this picture but it came out on the 22nd letting him win an iBET prize of S$60.


Another missed numbers were in this photo below wherein he bought the numbers 1165 on the 11th, 22nd and 25th of February this year but the numbers came out on March 4th as first prize.


What we are saying is that we reduce the risk of loosing and increase the chances of your winnings. If you are interested to attend a workshop on how to trace the winning numbers using the geometric chart, please send me an e-mail and we will conduct a class for you. We will be conducting it here in Singapore for now and the chart will be available online depending on the numbers of your response. 


 Note: This post is also available at awakeningsymptoms.blogspot.com
Love and kisses,


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